Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis '77 Дэвис (Исполнитель) Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis инфо 2577q.

От издателя Norman Granz is one of the most important non-musicians in the history of jazz and no one has made a greater contribution to the staging, recording and filming of jazz concerts This series of perбюэыхformances from the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival now makes a part of this legacy available on DVD for the first time Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Had A Distinctive And Instantly Recognisable "Tough" Style Of Playing The Saxophone, Which Earned Him Hвлнфеis Equally Distinctive Nickname Long Associated With Count Basie He Also Had A Distinguished Solo Icareer This Performance From 1977 Sees Him Teamed With A Dream Line Up ^Featuring Oscar Peterson On Piano, Ray Brown On Bass And Jimmie Smith On Drums, Who Combine Brilliantly To Deliver An Outstanding Concert Track List: 01 This Can't Be Love 02 I Wished On The Moon 03 The Breeze And I 04 Telegraph 05 Land Of Dreams 06 Blue Lou Дополнительные материалы Portrait Of Normanвсрэы Granz, Narrated By Nat Hentoff Portraits By David Stone Martin Pictures By George Brunschweig Звуковая дорожка: Английский Dolby Digital 20 Субтитры: Английский / Французский / Итальянский / Голландский / Португальский / Немецкий / Испанский Актер Эдди "Локджо" Дэвис (Исполнитель) Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis.

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